Do you enjoy reading? You may or may not. However one thing you should keep in mind is that reading is good for you. It is like chicken soup. The benefits are plentiful and you would find yourself developing skills you never would have given much thought to.

However there is one benefit that is more important than others. You might wonder what this benefit of reading is.

This benefit is that it helps you develop empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand what someone else might be feeling. It is an ability that everybody should have. When you can empathize, you would be better at reading people and would know how to treat them. You would be able to overcome strains in relationships and make relationships stronger. Reading greatly contributes to developing empathy. This does not happen easily when you read encyclopedias or factual books instead you should read books that are written in first person. The latter allows you to see things from another perspective. So you could understand how different people show emotions and understand the reasoning behind actions. While this might not always be accurate in real life, it still helps you to understand why people do the things they do.

Empathy plays a huge role in interpersonal skills. If you can feel what other feel and understand people better, you would be able to respond effectively. If a co worker who is going through a messy divorce loses his temper with you, instead of fighting with him you would be able to be there for him instead. You would be able to understand his frustration and sadness; therefore you would know that his short temper is because of the stress and the emotions he is facing. Thus you would be able to help him. Instead of getting angry, you could instead lend him support and be there for him in his time of need. This would help you make your relationship with your coworker much better and instead of just being an acquaintance; he could become your friend.

So even if you do not enjoy reading do try to read at least one book. Try to understand the perspective of the character. Try to understand their reasoning. You do not have to agree with their reasoning or decisions but understand them. The people around you would have different reasons behind their actions. Even if they behave in a manner you find wrong, the reason they do so is one that they believe is the right one. This judgment is based on their experiences and their experiences would be different to yours. Just like the character in the book. Their judgment is based on their experiences and their reasoning.

Therefore go ahead and read a book. It would help you become a better person and someone who society would love to have.

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