What do you do with last month’s newspaper or plastic bottles?

Some people send them for recycling if it is possible or just toss them out with garbage. However you do not have to do this. You can find new ways to reuse these things. They require a bit of work but trust me, the effort is worth it.

You don’t have to spend money buying new things when you can just create them on your own using things you already have at hand. Not only is it cheap, you also help the environment. The lesser things you buy equates to lesser things being produced. This means companies would have lesser emissions and use up lesser resources. So in a way both you and earth would be very happy.

So how can you reuse paper and plastic?

Well you do not have to look any further. Just look right below.

How to reuse plastic?

Plastic is an environmentalist’s worst enemy. It releases toxic gases and most of it is not biodegradable. Plastic bags can take anywhere between 10 to 20 years to degrade and plastic bottles can be around for a century. Due to the hazardous gases they release over time, you should not reuse them in ways that they touch what you consume. So using a plastic bottle for a month as your go to water bottle is a strict no.

However you can get creative and use plastic in new ways. You could use plastic spoons to create chandeliers or wreaths. Plastic bottles can be used as hanging lights or even accessory holders. You could even cut the bottle in half in any shape you want and use them as planters. With a bit of paint and a dash of creativity, no one would know it was plastic.

How to reuse paper?

Paper is bio-degradable however to make paper, you need to chop down a tree, so environmentalists are still not going to be that happy. Paper can be re-used quite easily. Where I come from people use paper to hold fruit peels. They are even used to save precious flooring when the walls are being repainted.

However if you want to be creative you could always make paper beads and make some cute jewelry. You can even use paper to create table mats and even pen holders. Doing this requires a bit of work as you would have to make the paper firm however it is a fun activity. You could even use wrapping paper or newspaper as a cover for notebooks or frames.

With a bit of creativity you can find unique ways to re-use paper and plastic. So go ahead and get creative. When you look back after you make something new, you would be happy you did.

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