Cardboard is something everyone ends up owning whether they want to or not. Did you happen to order a new pair of shoes? Then say hello to your new cardboard box. Did you buy a new television? Well you get a cardboard box free. Sometimes when you look into your garage or storage area, you might see piles of cardboard boxes holding old things you do not want.

If this is the case, chuck the old things or give it to someone else and save the box. Cardboard boxes though brown and awful looking in the first glance and the second, probably the twenty-seventh as well, happen to have a lot of uses.

There are so many things you can do with a cardboard box.

You could use it as laundry baskets.

Laundry baskets are ridiculously overpriced. Some people could ask you to pay well over 10 usd for one small basket. If you want to save some money, you can always turn to the trusty cardboard box. Tape the bottom of the box and use a square piece of wood to act as a strong enough base. If you do not have wood, any suitable base would do. It shouldn’t be too heavy as then the cardboard can tear or bend. Attach the base to the cardboard using a suitable adhesive.  Then paint the box or attach fabric on it to make it look attractive. If you want to have something similar to handles. You could make two holes on the top centre of one side, attach a piece of rope as per your liking through the holes and make knots on the inside.  Do the same for the parallel side of the box and there you have it, your very own handmade laundry box.

You could make a maze

If you have little children at your place, you could do something that brightens up their day. Attach large boxes together using glue or double side tape. You would need at least ten boxes to make a decent maze. First remove the top of the box, and then make a path by removing a side from a couple of boxes with the aid of a sharp scissor or a cutting knife.  Remove some additional sides to make it more like a maze and there you go. You have your very own maze.

The maze doesn’t strictly have to be for children. With a bit of adjustments, you can have your adult friends have a go through the maze too. You can cover the top with dark fabric and use glow sticks to provide some light or if you really to make it adventurous, you could give each person who enters a torch and tell them to find their way out. Either way everyone are guaranteed to have fun and adventure within your very home.

So go ahead and re-use all the cardboard you have stored up. You can do the above, or find new fun things to do. Go ahead and have a blast.

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