Did ‘Bachelor’ Hannah Ann Sluss Lie to Peter About Never Being in Love?

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[Warning: Bachelor spoilers ahead!]

  • On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber is worried that Hannah Ann isn’t ready for marriage because she says that she’s never been in love.
  • But Twitter found photos of Hannah writing “Love you” to her ex-boyfriend who it looks like she dated for more than three years…

    I’m pretty sure that no one knows the inner lives of reality television contestants that they’ve never met in real life, but that hasn’t stopped people from accusing Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann Sluss of lying about her past relationships.

      But let’s back up: On tonight’s episode, pilot Peter takes Hannah Ann on a one-on-one date to explore Chile. Peter asks Hannah Ann if she’s ever been in love before, and when she says that she hasn’t, it sends him into a spiral because he’s worried that she won’t be ready for their forever love if she’s never been in love before. And please don’t ask me to clarify Peter’s logic, cause it truly doesn’t make sense to me either!

      It seems like Peter is ready to eliminate Hannah Ann over her inexperience, but after she cries and tells Peter how much she cares about him, he decides to give her the rose anyway. So the residents of Twitter did what they do best and dug into Hannah Ann’s Instagram past, pointing out that even though she claims never to have loved anyone, she dated someone for three and a half years:

      And sure, Hannah captioned “Love you” on some of these posts, but we have no idea what her relationship was like so we really can’t judge it! That said, both Victoria F. and Sydney have responded to people on social media digging up potentially incriminating receipts from their pasts, so we might be hearing from Hannah Ann about this soon!

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