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Okay, ya’ll. I’m not here to call you out, but you may need to hear some truth: Nearly 20 millions of millennials are projected to get an STI this year according to our original data conducted with Power to Decide. Yikes!

And beyond just contracting an STI, we know nearly 41 percent of millennials have tried the pulled out method (and it’s now the third most-used form of “birth control”). Double yikes!

When it comes to having sex, condoms just aren’t always a part of the equation. But when condoms have a 98 percent efficiency rate of protecting you against STIs and can also prevent unwanted pregnancies, it seems like it may not be such a bad idea to wrap it before you tap it (sry).

So if you’re thinking “But condoms suck!” consider yourself… well, just wrong. It’s 2019 people, of course there are fun condom brands out there that do not suck (think: ultra-thin condoms, ribbed condoms, “oh, he has a big dick” condoms, condoms that taste like candy, etc.)

With that in mind, here are several different favorites recommended by our experts who know their ‘ish on condoms.


As the first fully developed vegan condom brand, GLYDE doesn’t use any chemicals to add color or flavor to their many different types of condoms. With 13 varieties to choose from, GLYDE offers a real choice for vegan and non-vegan consumers who are are looking for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way to practice safe sex says Lili Hornyai, content creator for, a leading UK sex toy retailer.

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“One condoms understand that no two penises are alike, and offer a variety of sizes and styles so people can find exactly what they need,” says Kayla Lords, sexpert at Extra bonus? They offer a ruler to help peeps find the perfect size for their penis—with up to 60 options available. Sold!

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Sheila Loanzon, MD, an OBGYN in California, recommends Trojan because they’re so commonly used and widely available. Dr. Loanzon says she uses Trojan and that it has worked well for her by preventing pregnancy and unwanted STIs.

“They have a variety of different sizes and types for various comfort level, pleasure, and desired experience,” she says. Dr. Loanzon also likes that they can be purchased discretely on various websites and are also carried in all major grocery and convenience stores.

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These vegan latex condoms are free of nitrosamine, fair-trade, and triple tested for peace of mind. The “ultra thin” is their best selling medium size that fits most, and they also have a smaller “tailored fit” and “large comfort fit” sizes as well says Mia Davis, sex educator.

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These vegan latex condoms are not only cute AF, but you’ll also feel good about supporting women’s health when you buy them—they donate a condom to Planned Parenthood with every purchase. They come in one size so far that fits medium to large penises (47 mm wide by 190 mm long) and with a silicone lubricant that is fragrance and spermicide free to keep irritation to a minimum.

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Lifestyles SKYN


These are available in three different sizes, so you can always find one that fits your partner. Goals! And since they’re made from polyisoprene, which is a non-latex soft material, it’s supposed to be just as strong as premium latex.

“If your partner has a latex allergy, no need to skip a beat. I always turn to these. They have a softer, more natural feel than latex—that’s why they are my number ones,” recommends Emily Morse, sex and relationships expert and host of Sex with Emily podcast.

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Truthfully, these are the easiest to get ahold of. Durex makes several different kinds—ultra thin, extra sensitive, tropical flavors, extra large, non-latex, ribbed, etc. Not only this, but they also fill them with water to make sure they don’t leak before released for sale. Impressive, huh?

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The unique hexagonal pattern allows body heat and sensation to pass through while still remaining strong. Plus, they’re super cute and pair well for great, care-free sex.

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