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How to make your kitchen look bigger

Is your kitchen small or just not bright enough for your tastes? You wonder how to make your kitchen look bigger? Montclair Painting can help you remodel your kitchen as well as carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services for your home.

Somehow everyone comes to the conclusion that the ideal color for your kitchen is white. Because white can seem very sterile, ordinary or just boring for your kitchen, below you will find colors that have a common magical property, they will illuminate your space and mostly will make it look bigger. Don’t wait any longer: Roll up your sleeves and go to the kitchen at full speed. No, we won’t cook. Today we’re painting!

Choose blue

Blue is elegant, timeless and, depending on the shade, can be reminiscent of the sea or the sky. Choose dark, almost navy blue, for your kitchen cabinets as long as your kitchen counters and walls are already white to add depth to your space. For a more playful and pop effect, all you have to do is cover its walls with a wallpaper with a light blue and white geometric pattern.

In general, it is good to remember that white and blue are one of the most classic and stylish color combinations. To give your kitchen an extra touch of elegance, say yes to white or gray for the decorative items you will put in it.

All black everything

Cabinets, and specifically their color, are the first thing your kitchen guests are faced with – especially if the latter is open by design to the living room. So to give life and space to your open kitchen, it’s time to paint them black! Which? But of course closets. Beyond depth, they will delimit her space and give it a dramatic style.

Stick to the darker shades of black if the main wall of your kitchen is white and if the electrical appliances you have in it are made of stainless steel. Similarly, you can vote for the grayish shades of black like black charcoal if the electrical appliances you have in the room are white. And if you are afraid that black will make your space more hazy, you can only trust a glass or crystal ceiling light as these materials diffuse light more efficiently.

Use pink

Do white, black and gray look cold and faceless to you? Say yes to the wonderfully feminine, happy and bright pink! Before you think that your kitchen will be transformed into that of Barbie and you want to dare something less eccentric, we suggest you to paint only the ceiling of pink to give height, light and unique energy to the space. If you still feel ready for the big step, all you have to do is choose the softest and pastel shades of pink, such as confetti and salmon.

The 50 shades of gray

Gray is elegant and, because it is a cool color, it is the ideal choice if the decoration of your kitchen is more minimal and industrial. In fact, if you choose light gray for the walls or the cabinets of your kitchen, then your space will become even brighter.

For a more stylish and modern look, vote monochrome and paint your entire kitchen gray – especially if the floor is black and white and the tiles are colored or patterned. If you still want to give a more dramatic tone to your kitchen, all you have to do is decorate it or paint its walls in a vibrant shade of yellow (eg lemon yellow) or blue (eg blue). of cobalt).

Get the green light with Montclair Painting

Use green and specifically the pastel green, especially if you are a nature lover and even more a fan of rustic decor. In addition to being unique, special and relaxing, pastel green will illuminate your space, make it more welcoming and highlight its dimensions-especially if the walls, counters, furniture or cabinets of your kitchen are (and you want to remain) white.

Light shades make your kitchen more welcoming and warm, illuminate the space and make it look bigger and richer. At the same time, strange as it may seem to you, the light and soft colors cover all the imperfections that may not “hide” not only the walls but also your cupboards: from the scratches to the dents! Do you want more proof to convince yourself that it is time to put something more open on them?

Fix the cabinets

Replace damaged cabinet covers with new ones or sandpaper them and repaint them. This way, you will give your kitchen a more elegant look and it will look more big and neat. To give your kitchen an extra glam note, prefer the glass doors for your cupboards. If, on the other hand, you want to show vintage character, say “yes” to the open cupboards and use them to showcase your grandmother’s good tableware.

Change the curtains

Give a more pleasant note to your kitchen by changing the curtains. Avoid very heavy fabrics and dark shades that can darken the atmosphere of the space and choose lighter fabrics in order your kitchen appears bigger.

Choose small-scale furniture

Do not invest in large bulky furniture as this way the kitchen will look fuller and smaller. Prefer petite furniture in thin lines, with minimal design and style. So your space will be doubled and it will look much bigger.

Replace your cupboard doors

Apart from the color there are some other changes you can make to make the space look bigger. Replace, for example, some of your closet doors with glass ones. The glass will make the space gain more depth and look more open.

Light up the space

Transform your space by simply changing the old ceiling light of your kitchen. In addition to a more modern and special design, dare to choose a lamp with color. The colors from the lamp will literally give light, color and the illusion of bigger space to your kitchen! Gikas and montclair painting can undertake your complete kitchen remodelling, if you desire with their trustworthy workers.

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