Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson “Doing Well,” Do Thanksgiving Together

  • Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are “doing well” despite rumors that the two broke up.
  • Cody went to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with Miley and her fam, and has been by Miley’s side during her recovery from vocal chord surgery.

    Okay, so remember two weeks ago when Cody Simpson squashed rumors that he and Miley Cyrus broke up by posting an adorable photo of baby Miley on Insta? Well, not only are Cody and Miley not broken up, but they’re doing great, thanks for asking!

    Cody spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Miley and her fam, which suggests that these two are getting serious, despite the fact that they’ve only been dating since October. A source tells E!, “Cody came out to Nashville for Miley’s birthday and stayed for Thanksgiving. Miley’s family loves Cody and was happy to have him stay. They all celebrated the holiday together at Miley’s family house. Everyone gets along very well and Miley’s siblings have welcomed Cody in. Their relationship is fun and easy. He’s one of the crew.” And if at this point you’re hoping for visuals, luckily for you, Miley’s sister Noah posted a pic from their Thanksgiving dinner:

    Miley is also recovering from vocal cord surgery at the moment, and her recovery includes weeks of resting her voice and remaining silent, which honestly sounds so miserable. However, Cody has been by her side, and the source adds that “Cody has been very supportive throughout her recovery and she is very happy with him. They are doing well together.”

    Who knows whether or not these two will last (after all, Miley’s fling with Kaitlynn Carter was a whirlwind), but for now, good for Miley for finding someone who makes her happy!

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