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Prevent a Blocked Drain: Plumber Solutions That Work

Prevent a Blocked Drain: Plumber Solutions That Work

It’s easier to prevent a blocked drain plumber (υδραυλικός) say, than it is to unclog one. These tips from professional plumbers can help you avoid the emergency call to a plumber when your sink overflows or your toilet refuses to drain.

Prevention Tips!

  • Keep things from falling into your drains and getting washed into your pipes by fitting each drain in your house with a strainer. Put the lid down on your toilet when it’s not in use to prevent hair curlers and toothbrushes from being knocked into it accidentally.

Added bonus – you’ll never have to remove the trap to fish your wedding ring out of the drain.

  • Always run the sink garbage disposal with cold water rather than hot. Hot water dissolves grease which may cling to the walls of your pipes and entrap other debris. Eventually, that may result in a blocked drain.
  • Compost your coffee grounds instead of washing them down the sink. Coffee grounds can build up in traps and slowly block your drains.
  • Don’t pour cooking grease down the drain or the toilet. Congealed grease is the number one cause for a blocked drain, plumbers point out. Pour the grease into a can and dispose of it in the trash instead.
  • Don’t do makeup or hair over the bathroom sink. It’s tempting – after all, they put those great mirrors with makeup lighting there – but it’s far too easy to drop hairpins, makeup brushes and barrettes into the sink where it may end up in the drain. If you don’t fish it out immediately, it could get caught in the pipes further down, where it will collect hair, soap scum and debris, eventually blocking your drain completely.
  • Clean out the bath tub and bathroom sink stoppers every few weeks. Just lift them out of the drain and clear away the collected hair and soap scum. Not only will it keep your drains running faster, it will prevent the hair clogs from pulling away from the stopper and getting caught further down the pipe where you’ll need a pro to get to it.

Unfortunately, all the prevention in the world won’t keep you from ever having to deal with a blocked drain. Plumbers are on call around the clock to deal with emergency plumbing and blocked drain problems that you can’t handle yourself.

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