Tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini

Are you planning your vacation on the island of Santorini – Santorini car rental– and you are looking for a cheap rental car? Have you searched everywhere and you believe that the cars you find are over priced? We have come up with some tricks and tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini and we are more than willing to share them with you.

Finding a comfortable yet cheap rental car when you are travelling to such a popular island like Santorini, is sometimes impossible. The large numbers of tourists who visit Santorini every summer makes it difficult to get a nice car at a nice price. Fear not, for we have tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini. Keep reading to find out more about them.

1. Plan ahead

The first tip of the day is to obviously plan ahead. If you wish to book a rental car at the last day before you get to Santorini, the car rental companies will ask you for a lot more money. The prices of the last minute bookings are often the highest ones as the companies exploit the fact that you are in desperate need of a rental vehicle.

If you know your vacation dates ahead of time and if you are certain that you are going to need a rental car in Santorini, then it is better for you to book the car months before your vacation, at the time you will book your plane tickets. This way you will get the car for less money as the companies will have more available offers.

2. Choose “unpopular” dates

Another great one from the tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini, is to book your vacation on dates that are not that popular. For example, you could choose off-season dates like May, the beginning of June or even September. At these dates, the car rental companies are not so busy so it is possible that you will get a rental car at a much cheaper price.

This is valid for hotels and apartments too, so you could plan a vacation on a budget! Just make sure to do your research, :play with the dates” and bear in mind that even a day can make a difference in the rental of a car.

3. Beware of the cookies

You should know by now that the webpages are using cookies to modify the results you are getting on your browser. If you are looking for a car rental company, the webpage will use cookies and will basically save your preferred dates. On the days that follow, you might see the price of the car you have chosen getting higher.

The only thing you can do, is simply delete your cookie preferences or the history of your browser. You will then go back to the original prices.


4. Search on the internet

It is better for you to do your own research rather than having a car rental company or another carrier do that for you. Avoid leaving the booking of your rental car in tourist agencies as at this case the fares will be even more expensive as the agents keep commission  for the rental car.

It might be a little hard to get all the information and you could get tired by researching cars, but at least you will have a better price and you will save money for your next vacation! A pro tip is to activate notifications for a change of price at the websites of the car rental companies so that you won’t miss any hot prices!

5. Compare different car rental companies

This is another basic part of tips on how to get a cheap rental car. You should do your research, as people who have had an experience with car rental in Santorini and take your time to decide on a company. Especially if your vacation will be long, you will need a car that will get you through it without getting you tired and uncomfortable.

Contact each company and talk to an employee, to make sure that all of your questions are asked. After all, you will get a better impression if the service of the company is good and you will have a first-hand experience.

6. Refundable or non-refundable booking?

If the “refundable booking” is offered for free or even for a small amount of money, always opt for it. You never know what will happen, or even if you will find a much hotter price than the one you booked. Choose the non refundable option if the car price is ridiculously low or if you have previous experience with the company and know their car quality and good customer service.

Either way, choose the option that is more likely to benefit you. Many times, the car price will be too low and after you have paid for it online, the company is proved to be a scammer. Or even if you have previous transactions with the company, it is likely to get ripped off after an extra charge.

Choose the non-refundable option wisely as after any mistakes, your money will not be able to return to your hands.

7. Extra equipment

Last but not least, an important part of tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini, is the extra equipment. Most car rental companies will offer extra equipment such as GPS, car seats for babies, wind shield covers for shade etc, for a small (or bigger) amount of money.


You should think if you really need the equipment before booking your car with it. Nowadays, most smartphones come with GPS and other apps that can help you navigate at a place you have never been before. You could also choose the “old school” way of asking for directions and looking at the signs.

If you have a baby, you can bring your own car seat and forget about the ridiculous extra money that you will pay per day at the car rental company.

Overview on tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini

We hope that you found our tips on how to get a cheap rental car in Santorini useful and that you will use them to book a cheaper car at a car rental company for your vacation. Bear in mind that the sooner you book a car rental, the less money you are going to pay for it, so keep an eye on the car rental company website.

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